Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TuesdayTeez.com Loves ShagTees

Every week, Tuesday Teez highlights a select group of the freshest, coolest t-shirts on the internet. They regularly feature shirts from some of my personal favorite shops like Detour Designables, Flippin Sweet Gear and BurnTees.

This week, ShagTees makes its first appearance on Tuesday Teez with one of our best summertime sellers - "Stop. Hammertime." This homage to one of rap's greatest entertainers and the coolest looking shark in the sea has been flying off the shelves as the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" has driven the country into shark mania.

Check out Tuesday Teez every Tuesday morning. And don't forget to VOTE for "Stop. Hammertime." as your top tee shirt of the week.

Stop. Hammertime. - funny shark t-shirtStop. Hammertime. - funny shark week t-shirt

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