Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama Won the Debate

Okay, so I promised myself that I wasn't going to watch Presidential Debate last night. I was going to kick back with a cold one and watch the UConn-Louisville game. As exciting as the game was (great finish Huskies!), I surfed through the debate and got stuck on it.

I don't particularly like the debates - because, ultimately I don't trust the voters.

People today just aren't that smart and don't look at the issues critically. And this isn't a left-right, Democrat-Republican thing (even though die hards on both sides believe that those who think oppositely are brainwashed idiots). No this is about people as consumers of information.

The average person usually reaches voting age with a slight left-right leaning based on a variety of factors - life experience, parental values (either embracing or rejecting), mentors, teachers, community, readings, tv shows, news media, comedians, celebrities, etc). Once established we tend to gravitate towards news media, friends, and information sources that reinforce that leaning (MSNBC vs Fox, Michael Moore vs Talk Radio, etc). We cease intellectually dissecting issues and challenges and instead parrot back the soundbites that our favorite media outlets have fed us.

Face it. Conservative leaners will not vote for Democrats. Period. Progressive leaners will not vote for Republicans. Period.

Now, the parties are going after the middle ground, the undecideds. I would hope that these people would exercise some critical thinking, but I doubt it. Whichever side shouts the loudest and hits the right "hot button" soundbite will win that person's vote. It's a zero sum game.

So why do I think Obama won the debate? Two reasons. For the most part, I thought it was a stalemate. Obama leads in the polls. McCain needed to make up ground he didn't. Secondly, Obama talked tough on Afghanistan, almost hawkish. While this makes his liberal base absolutely bristle and shudder they still won't abandon him. So he gained a little credibility with some dissatisfied conservatives. McCain had the opportunity to do the same by talking up alternative energy sources, but chose not go there. Game. Set. Match. Obama.

Now, mind you, this is my analysis of what I think happened, not how I necessarily feel about the issues.

Soundbite Politics

I disheartens me that things have come to this. I hate soundbite politics because it makes us all stupid.

Please, don't prove me right.

This election day, there's more on the plate than the Presidency. There are national, state and local legislative seats up for grabs as well. Please take the time to learn about these races - because they are much more important than the Presidency. These are the races that will affect you and your community.

Take the time to carefully read the platforms of candidates for both sides. Educate yourself. Don't vote based on soundbites. If you need those "voter's guides" they hand out to you at the polling place, then you shouldn't be voting at all.

Vote as an informed citizen... or stay the fuck at home.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Best. Obama Shirt. Ever.

Code monkeys vote. They also wear some of the coolest t-shirts, often with messages that the rest of the world don't get because they don't know computer programming code.

This shirt uses simple HTML code to "End Bush. Start Obama." You've seen this shirt being worn at Obama rallies on college campuses across the country. Wanna look hip and support the cause at the same time? This is the shirt to get.

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A Little Video About The Real McCain

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Is John McCain too old to be President?

Is John McCain too old to be president?

Columnist Anna Quindlen opined that each year in the Oval Office is roughly equivalent to seven years in the life of an ordinary citizen. That means that the 71 year old McCain will effectively turn 99 at the end of his first term if elected; 127 if re-elected.

The flip side to that of course is the 47 year old Barack Obama who would turn 75 at the end of his first term and exit the Presidency a bouncy, chipper 103 (in Quindlen years).

Ultimately, we end up with an old geezer any way. The question is "does it matter?"

According to a Pew Research Center survey, only 4% of voters say they would be “less likely” to vote for a black candidate, compared with 11% for a woman, while 50% said they would be less likely to vote for someone “in their 70s.”

Attacks on McCain’s age have been fairly limited so far, but there are signs it is picking up. A new site,, features a tongue-in-cheek video (“The dude’s older than Velcro”) lists all the things that are, well, younger than McCain.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Get Your "Talk Like a Pirate Day" T-Shirts and Pirate Lawyer Gear

Arrgghh! Get down on your knees! Swab me deck and walk me plank!

Okay, so the pirate thing has slowed down a bit, what with the completion of Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy and the rise of Zombies as the pop culture darling dujour. But there's still a charm about pirating - it's cool to walk around with skulls and swords and shouting Aaarrgggh!

And let us not forget that September 19 is approaching - International Talk Like a Pirate Day! The day when it is completely permissable call your professor a scurvy dog before dancing a hornpipe on your imaginary pegleg.

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You've also got a goodly number of shirts inspired by the Johnny Depp Captain Sparrow films.

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Just imagine an attorney approaching the bench "Now your honor, though me a client be a scurvy dog he be not guilty of pillaging that wench." To which the judge replies "Avast, he be downloadin illegal copies of Indiana Jones and Dark Knight, keelhaul him and then walk the plank. Arrgghh!"

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