Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Get Your "Talk Like a Pirate Day" T-Shirts and Pirate Lawyer Gear

Arrgghh! Get down on your knees! Swab me deck and walk me plank!

Okay, so the pirate thing has slowed down a bit, what with the completion of Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy and the rise of Zombies as the pop culture darling dujour. But there's still a charm about pirating - it's cool to walk around with skulls and swords and shouting Aaarrgggh!

And let us not forget that September 19 is approaching - International Talk Like a Pirate Day! The day when it is completely permissable call your professor a scurvy dog before dancing a hornpipe on your imaginary pegleg.

What I like about the t-shirts from Pirate Booty Shorts ( is that they've nicely combined the traditional and the creative. You can get a t-shirt replica of the battle flags of all the major pirates - Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Thomas Tew, Stede Bonnett, Henry Every, Emanuel Wynne, Edward England, Christopher Moody and Black Bart.

You've also got a goodly number of shirts inspired by the Johnny Depp Captain Sparrow films.

Of course my personal favorites are the tributes to the last true remaining pirates of the modern world - of course I'm talking about Lawyers. Check out the "Arrtorney at Law" funny pirate lawyer t-shirt and "Lawyers Do It for the Booty" or "Lawyers - Lie Cheat Pillage." I love these shirts.

Just imagine an attorney approaching the bench "Now your honor, though me a client be a scurvy dog he be not guilty of pillaging that wench." To which the judge replies "Avast, he be downloadin illegal copies of Indiana Jones and Dark Knight, keelhaul him and then walk the plank. Arrgghh!"

Visit for funny pirate t-shirts.

Arrtorney at Law - Pirate Lawyer T-shirt
funny pirate lawyer t-shirt

Lawyers - Lie Cheat Pillage T-shirt
Lawyers - Lie Cheat Pillage funny pirate lawyer t-shirt

Black Pearl Distilleries Captain Sparrow's Rum - Two Sided T-Shirt
Black Pearl Distilleries Captain Sparrow's Rum Saavy funny pirate lawyer t-shirtBlack Pearl Distilleries Captain Sparrow's Rum Saavy funny pirate lawyer t-shirt

Blackbeard T-shirt
Blackbeard pirate   t-shirt

Thomas Tew's Battle Flag T-shirt
Thomas Tew pirate battle flag jolly roger t-shirt

Blackbeard's Battle Flag Jolly Roger T-shirt
Blackbeard battle flag jolly roger replica t-shirt

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