Sunday, July 20, 2008

Graphic Tees That Rock from Reverie Apparel

Here at ShagTees, we don't make those cool graphic design t-shirts that you see on all the rock stars, deejays, and club hoppers. Being a bunch of smartasses, we're more concerned about making funny shirts, so we leave that stuff to the artsy types. Of course that doesn't mean don't love to wear graphic tees - we do - you know for important stuff like weddings and job interviews where more formal attire is required.

We recently discovered tees by Reverie Apparel. They look great and they're original - not the same crap that everybody else is wearing. (I'm talking to you pimply-faced-gothboy hangin out at Hot Topic).

Here are some faves...

Mike Walker

This one's a classic, clever homage to the Star Wars trilogy. I picked up one of these for a deejay friend of mine.


This is one of those shirts that you've got to look twice at. No it's not the praying hands, but something slightly more cynical. Nicely done.


My favorite. Long before there were iPods, iTunes and mp3s, you had to mix your own personalized tapes - every one a labor of love, filled with meaning, deep thoughts and personal expression. Ah the memories. I'm wearing this shirt now as I blog. Getting a little misty eyed... gonna need a moment.

Get these and other great original graphic tees from Reverie Apparel >>>


& said...

Shagtees is rad!! great post, cleverly written and full of good opinions!

Angela said...

Woot, thanks for the kinds words about Reverie!! I love them and their threads. :)