Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gourmet Coffee is for Suckers Funny T-Shirt

Mmmmmm. Coffee. Slurp.

I love a good cuppa joe, but I just don't understand why people will stop in at these fancy coffee shops on their way to work and stand in line for half an hour to order a "tall half caf double frappacino latte easy on the foam, no better make it a grande" only to walk out of Coffee Republic 20 minutes late for work and at least $5 poorer.

I make it in on time having already consumed 3 large mugs of good coffee brewed at home while casually reading the newspaper.

Is it the convenience? Is this other guy too busy to fix his own coffee and breakfast before heading out to the office? No. Not if he's got time stand in line at Starbucks, while the rest of us are waiting to start the meeting until Mr. Refined Taste for Java decides to grace us with his presence.

Let's face it. Gourmet Coffee is for Suckers. Fools and their money, soon parted.

Now you can get a t-shirt or coffee mug that says just that. Wear it to your next Poetry Slam and you'll get a round of finger snaps.

Gourmet Coffee is for Suckers - funny t-shirtGourmet Coffee is for Suckers - funny t-shirt

Get it at

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