Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Have You Seen Junior's Grades

And the Cradle Will Rock! Anyone who caught the awesome Van Halen Reunion tour this year... albeit between Eddie's stints in Rehab - cannot help but relive the glory days from the Women and Children First album.

This shirt commemorates one of the greatest "filler" lines in rock and roll history. In a song about a slacker going bad - running with gangs, losin sleep and winding up tied with who he meets - he's unemployed, his folks aren't overjoyed - the despondent father remarks "Have you seen Junior's grades?" {insert ripping Eddie Van Halen guitar solo here}

Some things never change. Whether the wayward boy has become hooked on gaming and World of Warcraft or done something really stupid like majoring in philosophy, nothing quite says "American Family" like the father's disappointment in his loser son.

Brings a tear to my eye, man. I need a moment.

This t-shirt features a retro icon of the disappointed alcoholic father lamenting that his son is a dumbass. Get it now at
Have You Seen Junior's Grades? - funny t-shirtHave You Seen Junior's Grades? - funny t-shirt - T-shirts for the Sexy People... Oh and for you too.

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