Monday, October 6, 2008

Frankie Say Relax

I'm a big fan of the 80s and nothing screams eighties quite like those classic t-shirts with big block lettering - "Choose Life", "Feed the World," "Save Ferris", and of course, "Frankie Say Relax." Let's face it, if you didn't have at least one of those in your wardrobe, you just weren't cool.

That's why I love this terrific Frankenstein monster parody of the "Frankie Say Relax" t-shirt. It's clever, funny, and instantly recognizable. Perfect for halloween, classic film buffs, or children of the 80s.
Frankie Say Relax - funny frankenstein 80s t-shirtFrankie Say Relax - funny frankenstein monster 80s eighties t-shirt - funny t-shirts for the sexy people. Oh... and for you too.

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